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Our School

The North Elementary STEAM Academy incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math into the curriculum. Students attend a daily Technology class as well as a STEAM block. During the STEAM block, teachers plan lessons that reinforce concepts taught in the regular classroom to make learning fun and hands-on. STEAM is also incorporated into PE through our Lu, a high-definition laser projector that detects movement to create an immersive environment. Students may work on their math facts at the same time they develop their throwing skills. The Lu detects whether they've thrown the ball to the correct answer. 

Dual Language Program 
The campus offers a two-way dual language immersion program to first through fifth grade students and includes both native Spanish and native English speakers.  Students are taught by a dually certified teacher in English and Spanish. Students receive content area instruction in both English and Spanish, with the goal of developing proficiency in both languages for listening, speaking, reading and writing. Click the link for more information.

GRIT Houses 

North has GRIT, Gumption, Resilience, Integrity and Tenacity. Students and staff are placed in GRIT houses, with every new student or staff member participating in a GRIT house reveal. Each nine weeks, students compete by grade level and house to determine the winner. The games provide a fun and exciting way to get students active. They can  be creative and dress up on GRIT Game Days and wear their GRIT shirts or GRIT house colors every Thursday. The school's community service projects encompass the GRIT games as well, such as collecting socks or food for the community. We've also collected items to donate to Cook Children's Hospital.